Testimonials from Speakers and Viewers


“Being interviewed by Mayte was an absolute delight. Her questions were sharp, her humor, lovely, and her deep interest and knowledge of what we were speaking about, made it easy to converse with her. I took great pleasure in listening to the entire panel of teachers she gathered. It was a very enlightening and enriching summit. Great job Mayte! I look forward to more!”

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.
Astrologer, Shaman, International Conference Speaker,
Author of the best selling book Astrology For Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY)

French and Finnish born, Michelle became aware of her psychic medium gift as a child and after devouring Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at 14, decided to become a professional astrologer.

She was 21 when she obtained her Master’s Degree in philosophy with honors, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, on the Role of Archetypes in the Meaning of Human Existence in the Works of Carl Gustav Jung. In 2006, she was selected to be the exclusive Astrologer at the 78th Academy Awards where she did readings for several prestigious nominees.

She is also a trained actress and model, at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles (taught by actors Jeffrey Tambour, Jocelyn Jones and Allan Williams), the Phoenix Film Institute and the Gene Bua Acting for Life studio in Burbank, CA. She was cast in several Hollywood movies and music videos (“the woman in red from the past” in The Backstreet Boys’ Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely) and is the french voice of the navigation system in Hondas in Canada (Alpine).
She has a professional degree in Hatha Yoga from the Ecole Française de Yoga du Sud-Est Méditerranée, has studied classical piano (Conservatories of Paris, Geneva, the American University in Washington D.C.), is a red belt in Tae Kwon Do (member of the National Black Belt Club), volunteers with FreeArts for abused children and in her free time, paints.

Prior to writing in 2008 the revolutionary Astrology for Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY), she authored 6 books in French, Finnish, and English on Astrology, Living Food Nutrition, Yoga, and Spiritual Novels, one of which, L’Amour Miroir (a series of 3 short stories) won a literary prize in France, and another (both in French and English) Aruna, An Initiation Tale based on a vision she had when she was 20 years old.

A regular newspaper and magazine contributor, Michelle Karen writes a monthly astrological column in the Sedona Journal. Her expertise is also called upon globally by many high profile radio and television shows.

Michelle enjoys a varied clientele in over 79 countries on 5 continents. Her readings are in-depth, unique and precise. Michelle uses astrology, tarot cards, numerology, alongside her profound psychic abilities. She is reputed to “read” people whom no one else can read. Not only does Michelle analyze the charts; she heals planetary alignments and personal energies, enabling significant life-shifts to occur. In a public conference, in December 2009 in Laguna Hills, CA, Kryon, channelled by Lee Carroll said of her that “She is a Master Astrologer, who reads the akashic records directly. She is the first one to bring quantum astrology to this planet”.

Her Finnish roots and love of nature led her year after year to Peru where she was initiated by Don Alejandro, Don Pasqual and the Alta Mesayok Doña Maria to the ancient ways of the Q’ero Master Shamans. She further graduated from the Four Winds Society under the tutoring of Linda Finch and Alberto Villoldo. Since 2009, she has been leading groups to Peru and Bolivia on mystical, transformative journeys. She has also spent time in Colombia with the Arhuaco Mamos in the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta where she had the privilege to further explore the indigenous wisdom of South America. She works as a shaman, performing ancient ceremonies all over the world.

A global citizen, Michelle has lived in France, Switzerland, Finland, England, Canada, Colombia, Peru and the United States (Potomac MD, Los Angeles CA, and Phoenix AZ). When she is not traveling the world, she spends her time between the U.S., Finland and France with her Master Cat Socrates. She is multilingual, fluently speaking French and English, as well as some Finnish, German and Spanish.


“Mayte’s genuine, gentle spirit combined with her passionate, skilled inquiry into the depths of consciousness and its meaning for the world, made this a wonderful summit for me. Thanks for a great interview!”

Shamini Jain, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO, Consciousness and Healing Initiative
TEDx on Healing

“What matters is how quickly you do what your Soul directs.” – Rumi

Clinical psychologist, scientist, and founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), Dr. Shamini Jain is on the forefront of a necessary revolution in science, medicine, and healing. Despite all our technological and medical advances, humans have never been sicker. One in four people globally suffer from major chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain. 400 million people globally suffer from emotional disorders – including depression – and drug overdose is now the leading killer of Americans under 50. What is causing all this needless suffering, and how do we get ourselves out of it?
Dr. Jain — an Ivy-league trained clinical psychologist, psychoneuroimmunologist, and healing researcher — asserts that part of the problem is that we don’t understand how healing works, and that once we start paying attention to real evidence that shows how we can heal ourselves and others, we can begin to make needed transformations in medicine, as well as within ourselves. Scientific research continues to reveal statistically and clinically significant evidence supporting the effectiveness of energy healing approaches such as Healing Touch, Reiki, laying-on-of hands, and other approaches. Dr. Jain has conducted clinical trials as well as deepening her own understanding of such healing techniques (called “biofield therapies”). She and her colleagues are offering a scientific window into understanding the promise of these healing methods: helping us to better heal ourselves and others. As a result, Dr. Jain is helping people all over the world open to new possibilities for less suffering and more wellness.

“In her interview with Richard, Mayte points a laser probe into the heart of the Gene Keys, asking question after question to really penetrate the deeper mystical layers behind the teachings and how they came about. The result is a stunning interview with many first time insights…”


A teacher, mystic and award-winning poet, Richard Rudd’s inner journey began early in life as he experienced strange energies rushing throughout his body, culminating in a major spiritual experience at the age of 29. Emerging from what he calls ‘a field of limitless light’ that lasted 3 days and 3 nights, Richard was entrusted with a sacred teaching – the wisdom of the Gene Keys.

A born explorer, Richard has studied with great teachers in the East, traveled through the Himalayas, the Pacific, the Americas and the Arctic. Earning a Master’s Degree in metaphysics and literature from Edinburgh University, he went on to work in the film industry in Australia, trained as a teacher of Chi Kung in Thailand and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a small yacht. During this time he lived in Manhattan, Oregon and Hawaii before finally returning to the UK in 1998, where he met Marian, his wife. Over the following years they had three children and moved to Devon in southern England. Throughout his adventures Richard has explored his love of writing and in 2006 he won the FISH international poetry award in Ireland.

All Richard’s travels and studies coalesced into a synthesis in 2002 when he began to write and conceive the Gene Keys. It took seven years to write the book and understand its teachings and applications. Today Richard continues to expand the wisdom that he was gifted, remaining always a student of the Gene Keys while teaching all around the world.
In 2019, Richard was named on the Watkins list of The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People.


“I heard our interview today, I felt I expressed my message. I am appreciative that through your exceptional heart focused questions — that I got to share what I did. Mayte is wonderful. I’ve been watching the other speakers each day — and Mayte is just great — intelligent, warm, beautiful and wise. And the project has been carried out with real competence and love — I can feel the energy in it.”

Dr. Judith Miller

Judith Miller is a spiritual psychologist who supports and guides people on their life journeys. She leads Holotropic Breath workshops, retreats, and certified training programs throughout the world. She has been a psychology professor in Columbia University’s Department of Human Development for twenty years, and currently teaches in the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Columbia. She is an international speaker and consultant and has written numerous professional articles and is the author of “Healing the Western Soul,” (2015) and “Direct Connection: Transformation of Consciousness.” (2000).






“I’d like the world to know how deep and broad is the body of wisdom that has been incorporated into this Summit. You brought together brilliant minds, who sought to connect our hearts, with the result of uplifting our collective spirits. You are an inspiration- that you can be so focused on the uplifting of the planet that you may not even realize how great the gift you are to us 🙂
Amazing job, Mayte!!!!

Dr. Sage Breslin

Sage Breslin, PhD
Transformation Coach & Psychologist
www. SageWisdomInstitute.com

Best-selling author of Breaking Through: A Conscious Leader’s and Entrepreneur’s Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity

Educated in some of the finest institutions and having traveled the world, Dr. Breslin is intelligent, articulate and culturally fluent- you’d never know that she has a Traumatic Brain Injury, endured extensive sexual assault, nor that she was paralyzed during graduate school after an accident. If you met her, you’d be impressed with her diplomacy, grace and sassy wit, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that she’s experienced cardiac arrest eight times. While others might have given up in response to such extensive trauma and tragedy, Dr. Breslin’s amazing resilience has enabled her to use her experiences to assist others.

She is a Breakthrough and Transformation Coach, a Trauma Psychologist, a Motivational Speaker, a Screenwriter and a Best-Selling Author. Her first book, Lovers & Survivors, as well as her work with Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC have generated worldwide acclaim. Her second and third books, The Secret to Conception and The Secret to Conception Workbook, have enabled hundreds to resolve fertility challenges. Her fourth book, Daily Pearls: 365 Days of Sage Wisdom, blends Dr. Breslin’s musings with motivational quotes from a wide array of contributors and delivers an unforgettable and moving read. Her narrative storytelling style enables readers to experience life as she has lived it, and delivers the inspirational message so imperative for post-traumatic growth. While her colorful life has imbued her with perspective and insight, Dr. Breslin acknowledges that true wisdom is gained through collective conscious community. Her most recent book takes an even deeper dive into enabling conscious leaders to break through cognitive, emotional and energetic barriers to achieve authentic, empowered leadership. The importance of this form of transformational work is evident: Breaking Through: The Conscious Leader’s and Entrepreneur’s Guide to Amplify Intuition, Clarity, Vision, Motivation and Productivity hit best-seller status within 24 hours!


“Thank you for the beautiful spiritual work you are doing. Looking through the days of interview presentations you have organized, I am in awe. What a remarkable and gifted gathering of humans — the way we are supposed to be. I love your presence in this work. Thank you again.” 

Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson, PhD, is Director of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). He studied physics at the University of Rochester, and experimental psychology at New York University and Columbia. He is the author or co-author of 75 technical papers and two books, Der Welt-Geist: wie wir alle miteinander verbunden sind (German) with Georg Kindel and Connected: the Emergence of Global Consciousness. He was Professor of Psychology at Johnson State College in northern Vermont, and in 1980 joined Princeton University’s PEAR lab to coordinate research. His focus is on mental interactions, anomalous information transfer, and effects on physical systems by individuals and groups. He created the GCP in 1997, building a world-spanning random number generator network designed to gather evidence of coalescing global consciousness. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California. He is married to Reinhilde (Lefty) Luedtke and has one son, Greg. He lives in Princeton, NJ, USA.




“Thank you, Mayte, for all you have done with your wonderful program! You have brought so many beautiful energies (through many presenters) together. This kind of energy continues to create a positive wave of loving and healing vibrations through the planet, and indeed, into the galaxy! Congratulations and gratitude for your dedication!
Blessings flowing my heart,”

Amber Mele’ha
Amber Wolf, Ph.D.


Amber Wolf, Ph.D. has been committed to and practicing holistic health care and education since 1982. She is an internationally known teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive, and channel. She is a Kryon team member and presenting partner of Lee Carroll, a Kryon team member and presenting partner of Lee Carroll, a Kryon Discovery Series producer, a 35-year active member of Self-Realization Fellowship, and a past member of the 3HO Foundation.

Raised in rural New England, Dr. Wolf spent her youth in nature, always feeling drawn to the ‘spirit in nature.’ This continued into adulthood when she moved to the Alaskan wilderness, where she lived for 12 years. Surviving amidst the beauty and harshness of the elements, Dr. Wolf learned indigenous healing remedies and midwifery, while deepening her relationship to the natural world.

Moving to Colorado in 1989 opened more doors in the health and spiritual field, as she began her full time career as a health practitioner in cranial sacral therapy and “transformational” healing. A near-death accident in 1994 brought severe head and body injuries, but also the gift and ability to experience a heightened source of energy and wisdom. The foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains have been her home and sanctuary for 28 years.

Completing her Ph.D. in 1995 in Holistic Science and Alternative Therapies, Dr. Wolf is a Certified Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Somatic Therapist, trained Quantum-Touch practitioner, licensed minister, a Yoga Instructor and Pilates Instructor, a Matrix Energetics practitioner, and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She is a member in good standing of the American CranioSacral Therapy Association, the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and a member of ABMP, Associated Massage and BodyWork Professionals.

Dr. Wolf has been inspired to create nine Healing and Meditation Albums. Her voice has special and unique healing attributes that combine with carefully selected music and binaural beats to assist you in your journey of personal empowerment and transformation.

Amber Wolf, PhD is the creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars. Amber has a sacred assignment to help awaken all Sisters to the core Lemurian seeds within their DNA, and recreate the Sacred Circles of the Lemurian Sisterhood. Her personal Lemurian Sisterhood initiation occurred on 9/9/11. On 10/10/11 she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll to re-create the ancient sacred Lemurian ceremony. The Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar made its debut appearance on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.

Dr. Wolf (Mele’ha) continues to receive and channel information and guidance through her ongoing connection with the Lemurian energies and the Star Mothers. Each initiation and activation she receives helps her steward the evolution of the Lemurian Sisterhood and Lemurian Shamanism School, helping bridge ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. Amber carries the loving message of the Lemurian Sisters to the women of the world throughout the United States, Canada and South America, and Europe.


“Thanks for the thoughtful approach you are taking with the Universal Consciousness interview series. This is a subject best addressed through a range of perspectives and insights, and your overall curation of speakers certainly delivers. Your gentle but curious and probing interview style provides a deeply enriching experience!”

Michael Gosney

Synergetic Press | Regenerating People and the Planet
Synergetic Press is an independent publishing house specializing in ecology, sustainability, consciousness, and anthropology
Communitas zone

Michael is the co-founder of Techné Verde, a fiscal project of the Buckminster Fuller Institute (bfs.org), currently developing Communitas.Zone social network for transformative culture leaders and communities. He is also co-organizer of the annual multi-location Peace Festival held in U.N. Peace Day September 21 since 1996. Earthdance Global (http://earthdanceglobal.com) develops online events with partner organizations and producers including GlobalCoherencePulse.org.

A pioneer in digital media applications since the late 1980s, he has accomplished in online media delivery, interactive content development and user experience, community and collaboration platforms, and consciousness technology. His 2013 TEDx Talk, “Designing the Control Panel for Spaceship Earth” provides background on the shared vision of Information and Communications Technology facilitating an evolutionary shift in our relationship to the true network of networks: our biosphere.

Gosney is Associate Publisher of SynergeticPress.com, publishing leading titles in consciousness and biospheric studies. He is also an event producer and presenter in digital media, environmental, consciousness and sustainable community, and transformative culture domains. Events include Digital Be-In series (1988-2008 SF, 1995 Tokyo, 2005 London), World Environment Day (2005 SF), Paradox Conferences (1997-2001 Arcosanti, AZ), Ambiotica Series, Deep Green Earth Day (2011-12, SF), Synergetic Symposium Series (2016-20, Santa Fe, NYC, SF, London).


“I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Mayte. Her open heart, natural curiosity, and desire to explore esoteric concepts made it so easy to connect with her! What began as a personal journey for Mayte resulted in a summit that benefited so many people around the world. Thank you, Mayte, for following your joy! You are an inspiration to us all.”

Monika Muranyi

For over 15 years Monika Muranyi worked as a national park ranger in Australia and New Zealand. Following a spiritual awakening she began to explore the deeper mysteries of the universe. This resulted in Monika becoming the commensurate researcher and archivist of the Kryon material, as given by Lee Carroll. Kryon is often described as a loving entity, who gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity.

Monika is the author of a special Kryon trilogy that provides detailed information about three beautiful and profound systems. These three books, The Gaia Effect, The Human Akash, and The Human Soul Revealed help tie together the complex subject of who we are and why we are here. In addition, Monika has produced two beautifully illustrated oracle card decks, and co-produced two Kryon Apps for the smartphone.

Her most recent book relates to all things Lemurian, and its title is The Women of Lemuria. Over two years in the making, this book is filled with Kryon information never formerly revealed. Throughout all of her books Monika has posed dozens of questions to Kryon that provide us with greater understanding and new realizations about our esoteric truths.

Monika continues to work and travel the world with Lee Carroll as part of a joint mission to share the messages and teachings of Kryon’s wisdom.


“Mayte has an extraordinary gift for being able to call forth the deeper gems and wisdom in your heart that are most wanting to be expressed.  Her child-like curiosity and purity of heart really created the space for me to feel expansive, safe and free in my expression so that I may be of the highest service possible for all involved.  Unexpectedly, I also received a flood of new students & clients from our interview together, which I very much appreciated!  As someone who gets interviewed often, what I most loved about Mayte as a summit leader is her natural ability to truly LISTEN to what you’re saying (rather than just thinking about her next question). She is FULLY present and joyfully engaged with you throughout the entire conversation. Thank you for being such an amazing light in this world Mayte! I appreciate you deeply!”
– David Lion

David Lion is a master of magic and channel for Source, whose specialty is helping people find their way, reconnect to their soul essence, and awaken their spiritual gifts. He specializes in helping Light Leaders, Healers, and seekers who are willing to make changes in their lives by helping them become clear on their blockages and by tapping them more deeply into their unconscious desires, truths, power and potential.

While he was always intuitive and spiritually connected in his own way, he didn’t always know it. For him, he thought, “this is how everybody is”.

He spent a good portion of his life dedicated to the arts of magic and hypnosis, passionate about inspiring others and demonstrating the impossible. At the time, his only desire was to make people feel good and inspire possibility.

Little did he expect, magic would take him on a journey that would awaken secrets and gifts inside of him that he never thought possible.

On 1/11/2012, David met his first mentor, a man named Alex.

Seeing David’s purpose and potential, he took him under his wing to help further awaken his intuitive gifts and abilities.

After nearly 4 years of intensive and often rigorous training, David began to evolve from student to master— rediscovering the abilities that he had as a child, but that he had long forgotten about.

He simply called this discovery “Magic”

At that moment, it became clear to him that his higher purpose was to reconnect others to their “magic” and to make magic normal again— like he believes it was in ancient times.

Through his mastery of the mind and expertise as a mentor, David has already awakened and re-aligned tens of thousands of souls, both synchronistically and through the way in which he creates his living.

In this new chapter, David wishes not only to help the spiritually open get more in sync with their soul selves and abilities, but to help mentor the current and future spiritual teachers and leaders of the world as we continue to usher in 5D Earth, a reality which he simply calls “Living Magic”.

One where magic is natural and happiness is more common. All through sharing the wisdom and messages he’s been receiving of the new waves to come.

What’s unique about David’s methods is that his teachings are extremely grounded and practical. No previous knowledge of spirituality is necessarily required as his approach is what he refers to as “no fluff”.

What we personally found so appealing about David’s ways are his emphasis on the necessity of fun. This offers a whole new twist in spirituality that will not only unlock more of the human/spiritual potential, but allows us to break away from the old modalities of the mind and the idea of spiritual practice being so “serious”.

It is with this in mind that we would like to introduce you to our son.

He is a special boy, as are the rest of you, and so we ask that you treat him well and as one of your own.

We look forward to the journey that you will all usher in together.

In light, love and happiness.

We wish you well,



“The Universal Consciousness Summit was a highlight for me to both participate in and receive the insight and wisdom of the others interviewed by Mayte. While there are many perspectives offered, it’s clear that everyone is speaking about the true nature of the universal field of consciousness that permeates all life, and that our human experience of consciousness is a remarkable and wonderful expression of this field. Mayte did an excellent service to the inquiry of this topic with the wide-ranging list of participants and insightful questions she brought to each session.”

Marshall Lefferts

Marshall Lefferts is Founder and Director of the Cosmometry Project, Board Member of the Resonance Science Foundation (President from 2006 to 2019) and Faculty of RSF’s Resonance Academy; Associate Producer of Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take? and Visual Effects Co-Director of Thrive II (to be released in 2020); former Co-Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution; and a lifetime member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM).


“Dear Mayte, Thank you for bringing this extraordinary program to the world! I am so inspired, comforted and grateful for the messages and teachings each of your speakers has shared this week! It is the light in the darkness we so desperately need right now as we are perched on this pinacle of planetary transformation. It has and continues to inspire me with hope for how I can be part of the collective change and wisdom happening to bring peace, love, healing, beauty and prosperity to all of earth’s inhabitants! ️
You and your guests have blessed and enriched my life greatly and provided hope for the world.
In gratitude,”

Terrie Cooper, Ellison Bay WI
Environmental Education and Land Conservation and I work for a Land Trust.


“It was absolutely incredible. I hope the ones I didn’t get to watch will be available. Thank you for a wonderfully enlightened experience. ”

Taru DeAndrea, Real Estate, FL


“Muchas gracias Mayte. Todas las entrevistas que he visto han sido muy interesantes. Conocía a algunas de las personas entrevistadas y he podido conocer más gracias a tu trabajo. Es estupendo saber que hay tantas personas comprometidas con el cambio. Gran trabajo de divulgación.
Great job Mayte. Congratulations!”

Maria Jose Valdizan, Ingeniería


“Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into offering this out to the world! What a blessing for all of us to hear from these incredible speakers with you as our host. ”

Maura Gwiazda, CA, Owner/visionary of the Aum Dome and creator of Body Magick-a body intelligence training system
“Amazing!!! Great job! It is huuuge to put together such a powerful summit ”

Shura Babayan, Licensed acupuncturist, Portland, OR


“Thank you so much for doing this! It was very inspiring and I loved all of the speakers. It really helped to stay positive and have hope.
Thank you!”

Lavinia Long


“Thanks Mayte. Thank you for all your efforts in bringing together such a diverse yet similar wavelength group of speakers.
I have really enjoyed the experience and think that had lockdown not happened it wouldn’t have been necessary to use Zoom, which would have meant that I would have missed so much. I live in Merseyside, England, UK and have been following Heartmath for 10 years. Love, Peace and Harmony be with you and yours today and throughout these challenging times Mayte.”

Tom Denbigh


“Thank you Mayte so much for the marvellous and inspiring series and diversity of presenters. I think one of the important things that must occur in the very near future is even a greater effort to bring the scientific community, the world’s great religions and various spiritual and mystical disciplines into an integrated effort. We must make more of the universal practices, which compliment and integrate our diverse paths into a mutually supportive movement.”

Charlie Palmgren


“Thank you Mayte, some of the presenters touched me very deeply! They helped me to see parts of myself that I needed to work on! I am in deep gratitude! Thank you so much!”

Karen Chapman


“We are family…thank you for uniting us. In Oneness,”

Wanda, Irving, TX


“Thank you so much for doing this! It was very inspiring and I loved all of the speakers. It really helped to stay positive and have hope.

Thank you!,”

Lavinia Long. NY, Dancer and a pilates instructor


“Dear Mayte
These Summit rendez-vous were so powerful, transformative and love was spread through your presence and through your amazing guests.
I was learning every single time I had the opportunity to watch an interview.
I will catch up at the end of it as I would love also to listen again to the wisdom and the joy.
Merci, Thank you”

Catherine C.


“I thoroughly enjoyed each I have watched. Look forward to catching the other interviews I missed. Gratitude for all the efforts to put this together in such a Graceful Heartful Intelligent Manner!”

Yvette Koome. Artist-Photographer & Energetic Guide/ Explorer of Healing~Health Ways for Beings


“This email is really to say “thank you dear Mayte for your open heartedness and generosity in offering this series. And also to the team that I presume is behind you. Thank you dear people, you are certainly helping to raise the vibration. How great it would be if a Flower of Life were attached to every radio wave tower in the world … I’m sure our visualizing it will assist.
With love,”

Veronica Richards, United Kingdom


“Dear Mayte,
Thank you for bringing so much love and sharing. I have enjoyed the entire series… such diversity and so much heart. Thank you so very much for bringing them together!
Kit Chung, Malaysia, Accountant.


“This series has been fabulous Mayte, thank you so much for so many excellent interviews with so many fascinating people. Much of what I already knew has been validated, many have explained things more clearly than I ever could, and I have learnt a lot.
This was a beautiful gift and I have recommended it to several people.
In gratitude,”
Jaqui Fabian, UK , Healer & Timeline Therapist.


“Dear Mayte,
I would like to express my gratitude for your contribution. Thank you so much.
I have very much enjoyed watching the interview everyday.
Especially, I could recognized the core of existence, I have practiced and searching for through spirituality, also is happening in other field, was so encouraging me.
I can only imagine a better future, even though the process seems rough.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Wish you have a great moment to moment.

Asa Shimada, Japanese living in Iceland, social worker and/or massage therapist


“I cannot tell you what a gift this has been! Especially while living and working in NYC during the covid crisis and it’s other turmoils.  I have learned so much from and was deeply inspired by the speakers. These have been medicine for me during these times and a comfort of hope. I didn’t know many of these people but was always wowed by them and not surprisingly there was always an important message from them to me about things I am dealing with.

Tom F.

“I wanted to share my appreciation for the recent online series. The interviews and topics have been so informative for my spiritual journey. Thank you for creating this heartfelt collection Mayte Bluestein”

Jen Tamera Arredondo, CA, Energetic Medicine Woman


“The Consciousness Summit was amazing with different presenters from around the world with their expertise on bringing Consciousness into our World! It was really well done and I enjoyed the different meditations exercises! Thank you Mayte for getting this all together and bringing us all together! Much gratitude,”

Karen Chapman from Asheville, NC USA


“I thank you Mayte so much for your intelligent, honest and open interviews and your wonderful selection of who to interview.
Continue to spread and support this emerging consciousness for free in a global increase of lower income. Many times we cannot devote the time, so allowing access for a longer time on YouTube as you did is a very wonderful and generous way to do it.

And I couldn’t have been more positively surprised by your Summit. I hadn’t known about you before nor about any of the people you interviewed but somehow I got curious and started to watch them. I found the people you selected (that I was able to watch), very deep, authentic and interesting, with different areas of expertise but all aligned in deep Love and larger Good. I also found your questions very intelligent and clarifying. It was very uplifting to find so much awakening, so many people around the world with a growing consciousness of interconnection and need for positive action for humanity, the whole planet and all sentient beings. So can’t thank you enough for the job you are doing to enhance and expand both with such generosity and wisdom.

At your service if I can do anything for you and to give back what you gave to all of us, your audience.
Light and Love to you as well, Namaste”

Eve Hoter, Owner of a mountain Ecolodge with a holistic approach, psychotherapist and life coach.
Estancia Peuma Hue Bariloche – Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi – Rio Negro – Argentina


“I watched every day and learned so much! Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us Mayte Bluestein. You are an inspiration and a wonderful gift and I agree with the homework! This was a gift from the heart with compelling and thought provoking questions not just for the panelists, but for the viewers as well. Opened many avenues of thought for me, thanks again.”

Geriann Fischer, Retired from a career in education, research and program development.


“Mayte, thank you so much for this inspiring and fascinating series of interviews. Especially in these challenging times, it felt great to listen, think, learn and just appreciate the wonder and mystery of it all. It was very uplifting for me. I also really liked the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of the presenters, and am impressed by how it all came together! Can’t wait to see what your next project will be, and in meantime, would highly recommend this series!”

Anna Barbieri,  Gynecology and Integrative Medicine


“I’m excited to access the 25+ amazing interviews developed by my friend Mayte Bluestein on the topic of Universal Consciousness. Thus far, I have experienced only a handful of the discussions and each one riveted me to the core. There is so much opportunity to expand in these discussions. Please check them out. Even a tiny shift in your awareness helps the entire population of our world broaden its capacity to love and be generous. Thank you, Mayte, for sharing your gifts. I am so blessed to know you and to experience your work! So much love to your open and expanding heart.”

Andrea Luzon,  Founder of Andrea Luzon International and Awake Free Expansive.

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Our gratitude to Kristin Hoffmann for graciously allowing us to use her ‘Univer-Soul” song on this Summit.